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Anyone have any tips or tricks on how I can get the smell of cigarette smoke out a paneled room I have a feeling that the paneling will in deed have to be replaced, but I've been trying to avoid that costly 'repair'. My Google searches suggested cleaning w/vinegar and water, but that turned out to be only a temporary 'fix'. I think I'll just have to keep searching and trying different things. until I get tired of 'trying' and then I'll, as you say, bite the bullet and replace the paneling. That's a shame though because it's a good quality paneling and it's beautiful! Oh well. Thanks again. Yes, you're right. paneling is no longer the "in thing", but I'm a lover of paneling! It's easy to clean and take care of. the color doesn't fade or turn off-color from sun glare, etc. Also, I'm not a 'decorator' type of person . It may not be the "in thing" but I go for for practicality of things, rather than looks. BTW, not that this is important but I'll mention that this smoker was living in an apartment of mine. So I'm really feeling bad that the girl who moved in called to tell me about the strong odor of smoke. she said even the clothes that she has hanging in the closet smell. and I had even painted the inside of that closet!

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