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Newport cigarettes, famous for its menthol flavor, are popular among the menthol cigarette smokers and business people. These cigarettes with mint taste are cool and mellow, which make you guys feel refreshing or even energic. You can smoke a Newport ciga

Are the Nat Sherman Fantasia cigarettes worst than regular cigarettes being that the paper is colored Wow, people really need to learn some respect and restraint. It HIS decision to smoke, and obviously he knows the risks involved so fuck off trolls. Anyway, the Fantasias are actually slightly less unhealthy than normal cigarettes (by normal I mean the main brands like Camel and Marlboro). This is because the big manufacturers put way more additives into their tobacco than Nat Sherman does. That why Nat Shermans cost so much more- you get higher quality. Know what you getting with the Fantasias- they just normal Nat Sherman lights with colored papers. You decide if that worth the extra money. Actually, Paul, the paper is not the least of one problems when smoking. Reading the additive lists which by federal law cigarette companies are required to publish shows that numerous additives are generally added to the paper in which cigarettes are rolled, undoubtedly adding to the risk to consumers. Certainly, it is true that smoking tobacco (especially, if inhaled, as most cigarette smokers do) is hazardous to your health, but that is not to say that smokers do not care about their health at all, and many smokers seek to minimise the risk to their health whilst continuing smoking - which is perfectly possible, contrary to the propaganda coming out of anti-smoking lobbies worldwide. Now, to Newyorkish (hi :)), it is likely that the colored paper used to roll Fantasia cigarettes do contribute to the health risks associated with smoking - after all, the color does have to come from somewhere, and if you inhale when you smoke (more than likely), you are inhaling the dyes which color the paper. That said, that Nat Sherman does not use additives in its tobacco means, contrary to the legally required warning banner on the Nat Sherman website, that its cigarettes are, though still dangerous to your health, far better for you than a cigarette from any other brand that I know of! Just make sure you are smoking because you enjoy it, and despite the health risks, still choose to, not because the nicotine wants you :) and YOUR answer is illogical due to the fact that it avoids tackling the question. what kind of service is this? you sound like my aunt, or worse an abstinence preaching sex-ed teacher. people have been smoking tobacco for centuries genius and not necessarily dying of lung cancer. but people do however aquire ailment due to chemicals and other additives. nat sherman advertises not just the guarantee of no chemical additives, but also the top 10% of their crop. now my question is whether the rolling paper coloring is harmful at all.

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