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Are you anti HATE WALMART! For starters, I do not care for the "customer base" there. There stores are in no way NEAT, CLEAN or EASY TO SHOP. I have not met a "friendly" associate yet,,,,(except for the greeters, normally retired men). The isles are "junked" up, you can't get your cart down them with the herds of customers. I just don't like the idea that you can buy a yard of fabric, get your car lubed, an eye exam, a new tree or shrub, get ground meat, and buy fish all at one spot! I prefer going to Dobbs for lube job, Dierbergs for meat, Clarkson Eye Care for an eye exam, and Petsmart for my fish! I am anti Walmat for all of the above reasons PPs have mentioned, but my primary objections have to do with their business ethics and their dealings with China. I don't shop there but I'm in a large metropolitan area and don't have to make much of an effort to avoid Walmart because I have plenty of options. I realize that isn't the case in some areas. If I were in a smaller area and much more than Walmart wasn't available it would be a different story, but I would still make every effort to not shop there. I avoid Wal Mart unless it's something that I can't get anywhere else (their wipes are the one thing I have to have from there) was an employee and I've been a customer. anyone can get a job there, but again ANYONE can get a job there. of the people I worked with were lazy as hell, didn't care about their job and the managers were liars and people who only cared about themselves. like Wal Mart promoted this feeling. worked Lay away the last year it was there and was very happy when I was finally able to quit my job. Working at Wal Mart is a soul sucking experience that left me disgusted by other human beings and the daily low they'd to save a dollar. We're not in a position to be picky about where we shop we've got to go where we can afford to buy more. There are good and bad points about them. as with any chain stores they are just under the microscope more. I do try to shop and pop stores when I can. I tend to shop at Kroger more for food. But for the BIG grocery/household necessities trips, I gotta do Wal Mart to save money and time. here there isn't much of a choice anyway. Cancer Fighter Certified Lactation Counselor.

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