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Athena Malloy Groves The name of the court is misleading. Many people assume it is a court that places orphaned children. In fact, it is Maryland probate court, overseeing the administration of wills and estates. A smaller fraction of the court role is to name guardians over minors and their property. Q:What changes, if any, would you propose in how the court handles guardianship of minors? A:As with all things, there is room for growth and improvement. It is difficult to propose any changes to how the court handles these matters without a full and thorough review of the process. I am currently working with my colleagues in reviewing the process so that we may effectuate any necessary revisions. That being said, the Orphans Court for Prince George County is the only orphans court in Maryland that has been presiding over guardianship cases on a consistent basis for over 25 years. I feel fortunate to have granted guardianships to grandparents or other family members of children whose parents are either deceased, incarcerated, sick, missing or otherwise incapable of raising them. We provide a valuable service to the community.

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