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As a smoker, you can choose Marlboro filter cigarettes. Filter cigarettes are better for one's health. Marlboro is short for "Man Always Remember Love Because Of Romance Only". And as a romantic guy, you can choose Marlboro gold cigarettes if you like. He

Benmarl going green MARLBORO, NY The folks at Benmarl Winery are working hard at doing more than just making good wine. They're targeting "good ecologicalcitizen" status as well. for visitors, has brought in a flock of seven Babydoll Southdown sheep to roam through the vineyards. Say the folks at Benmarl, "They work naturally to fertilize the vines while eating grass and weeds. Not only do the sheep help us minimize herbicide use, but they also promote better nutrient uptake in our soil. "The sheep will help us burn less fossil fuel and create a healthier environment for our customers and grapes." Babydoll Southdowns are a diminutive breed, knwon for, among other characteristics, their "smiling" faces. (Details on the breed here.) Going from four legs to four wheels, a pair of employees are running their cars on vegetable oil. Benmarl is working in converting the company truck and tractor to vegetable oil use as well to reduce its environmental impact. Benmarl, a 37 acre estate, is located at 156 Highland Avenue (see accompanying map). Phone: (845) 236 4265.

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