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Big Tobacco breathing easier EDT September 3, 2015 Tobacco manufacturers are enjoying the equivalent of a tax break after the expiration of a federal assessment that required them to pay $9.6 billion over 10 years to tobacco farmers. The tobacco industry is breathing easier after the endof a federal assessment that forced cigarette manufacturers, cigar companies and smokeless tobaccoproducers to make 10 years of payments to farmers, averagingnearly $1 billion annually. tobacco industry's annual revenue or about9.9% of its profit based on industry figures provided by research firm IBISWorld. Department of Agriculturepassed those payments along to tobaccogrowers to help them dealwith the resultingdrop in the crop's price. Though the end of the mandated payments on Sept. 30,2014, went largely unnoticed among industry watchdogs, it was long visible on the horizon for Big Tobacco. "They've been anticipating this since the deal was done 10 years ago," said Blake Brown, an agricultural economist and professor at North Carolina State University. "There was a real cost to manufacturers for this."

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