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Boysenberry Books announces new title Los Angeles, CA (November 7, 2007) - Boysenberry Books, the boys' love branch of Broccoli Books, is proud to announce that they have acquired the license and publishing rights for Cigarette Kisses by Nase Yamato. Originally known in Japan as Kuchibiru no Yukue, Cigarette Kisses is a standalone boys' love graphic novel that is filled with intense drama within a steamy love triangle. Heartbreak abounds in this teen-themed manga from popular write and illustrator, Nase Yamato. Yusuke and Soji have been close since junior high and were flirting with the notion of becoming a couple. However, when Soji suddenly announced his intentions to marry, Yusuke was devastated. Three years have passed since these friends parted, and they meet by coincidence on a cigarette break at the same company. Still refusing to acknowledge his feelings for Yusuke, Soji faces to clash with his still simmering love for Yusuke and his duty towards his wife. Convenience, and Kuchibiru no Yukue. Right now, she is working on making an illustration collection, which is planning to be on the "Dear+" December issue from Shinshokan.

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