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Bryan Thompson The north side and south sides of town are to small-time Springfield, MO what the east and west sides are to New York. While there are nice places on each side, there's always that little bit of animosity toward the other [more "ghetto"] side. I have nothing against the north side of town. We have lived on the north side both times we've lived in Springfield, but we knew it was time to leave the place we were in when we had to call the fire department twice within two months. A few months ago, we had the entire cast of Animal House move in underneath our apartment, and I'm pretty sure they were cooking up something stronger than cigarette smoke in there. The fumes were enough to make me fall asleep outside, so I'm pretty sure there was something going on. Plus, when strangers were knocking on my door at 2 AM asking "Where's Tony at??" (Like Dragnet, the stories are true, but the names are changed to protect the innocent - which I don't think is Tony, by the way!), I knew it was becoming my problem. So, long story short, we got moved in on Friday. The following morning, I had to leave for Kansas City to pick up my brother Matt. By the time we got back, my wife had unpacked every box. The woman has a crazy work ethic when it comes to decorating.

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