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burn differently than cigarettes I buy in Oregon He was telling me that his cigs (out of Texas) will not stay lit because of the paper required in the state of Texas. I called him out on it telling him he was CRAZY, and I planned on looking it up on the internet. He proved me wrong, it actually is something done in many states. I guess it is a safety precaution for fires. I'm assuming it is put in place in dry places that are prone to forest fires. I figured the new paper would jack up the cost of the cigs, but he says he hasn't noticed a difference. I guess time will tell. PM USA cigarettes with banded paper technology have rings of ultra-thin paper that are applied on top of traditional cigarette paper during the paper making process. These rings act as "speed bumps" to slow down the rate at which the cigarette burns as the lit end crosses over them. The idea behind the banded paper technology is that the cigarette is less likely to stay lit or more likely to self-extinguish when left unattended. PM USA believes that cigarettes made with banded paper technology do not increase the known health risks of smoking. Because banded paper technology makes cigarettes more likely to self-extinguish during normal smoking, some adult smokers may find cigarettes made with banded paper technology to be less acceptable than cigarettes without banded paper technology. I also seen where Phillip Morris is being sued over this paper because it causes the actual tobacco to fall from the cigarette and burn the smoker. Sounds a little ridiculous to me, but whatever.

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