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Butt Kicking Like people who have repeatedly tried to lose weight, smokers know that there is no magic bullet for quitting. Today, only 10 percent of smokers who try to quit do. And stats indicate that the two fastest growing segments of smokers - women and teens - are showing no signs of a slowdown. But there is some good news about quitting: Research shows that helping smokers deal with the physical and psychological addiction to smoking can be the key to successful butt kicking. Get Ready To start the process of quitting, begin with contemplation, when you're thinking about abstaining but you aren't totally committed to change. To start, keep a running list of the pros and cons of smoking. For example, a pro might be that it relaxes you or that you enjoy smoking with friends. Cons, along with the obvious heart and lung damage, should include cost, allergies, gum disease, cataracts and secondhand smoke you're passing along to your family. Get Set Enter the planning phase next. Pick a future date (say two weeks away) to quit and spend until that time imagining every possible roadblock to your success. Then focus on that trigger (like talking on the phone or drinking coffee) and come up with a method to handle it. Today, experts have honed on the following methods as the best of the bunch: Nicotine Replacement Therapy. NRT delivers small, controlled doses of nicotine to help smokers wean themselves off the chemical. The nicotine patch and gum are considered the best smoking cessation tools around. Scheduling. The scheduling method helps break the smoking pattern while weaning the body off nicotine. This five-week program includes counting the number of cigarettes you smoke a day, then divvying up the cigarettes so you smoke them at predetermined, equal intervals throughout the day. After one week, you cut down the number of cigarettes by a third, at the third week you slash the original by two thirds. Week five is quit week. Forever a Quitter Quit Day has arrived and you are armed with your arsenal of healthy habits and strategies to conquer urges. Here are our tips to staying a quitter: Clear out all smoking paraphernalia, including lighters, ashtrays and cigarettes. Change your routine - if you normally smoked during meals, eat elsewhere. Take a deep breath since inhaling imitates the smoking ritual of dragging on a cigarette. Occupy your time and walk around the block or pick up a hobby or sport. Occupy your hands and mouth and keep cinnamon sticks or mint-flavored toothpicks close-by. Enlist support from your family, friends and co-workers. Reward yourself spiritually and financially and treat yourself to something nice. Within six months of giving up cigarettes, you'll feel much healthier and the temptations will fade. The final phase of the quitting process is maintenance, and like with weight loss, success requires a lifelong commitment.

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