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2 cousins booked in Florence FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) The Florence County Sheriff's Office confirms that a 10 year old girl reported missing Tuesday night was found alive and well, alone in a Spartanburg motel room. Braxton's two cousins, with whom she was last seen, were booked into the Florence County Detention Center early Thursday morning. Tuesday night by the FCSO. Tuesday in the company of her two cousins. Braxton was discovered Wednesday morning alone in a motel room in Spartanburg, according to an update from FCSO officials. Officers with the Spartanburg Police Department notified FCSO that she had been located, and she was reunited with family members.According to a Spartanburg Police report, Gretchen told officers that she went with her cousins because she wanted to make sure they were somewhere safe; however, Gretchen also told officers that her cousins told her to stay in the hotel room until someone came to get her.People inside the College Inn noticed Gretchen crying and trying to use a lobby phone, the reported said. They asked what she was trying to do and she responded "trying to call my daddy", according to an incident report from the Spartanburg Police Department. They then contacted police.Gretchen told officers that she pretended to be asleep during the drive to see if she was able to hear where they were driving to, but never heard the information, according to the incident report from the Spartanburg Police Department.Gretchen's aunt told police that she found a note on the table when she got home that said "thanks for all you have done for us. Thursday, according to the detention center's website. Ron McNair Blvd. in Lake City, Tuesday morning. Ron McNair Blvd. in Lake City, Tuesday morning.

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