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2007 BMW Z4 won start when my phone is plugged into the cigarette lighter plug Sometimes when my cell phone is on charge in my 2007 BMW Z4 before I start it, nothing happens when I turn the key. The car is acting like it would if I did not have the clutch pushed in - the key turns, but it doesn't even try to crank. It happens fairly often when the phone is on charge, but not always. I've literally tried to start the car 5 times, then unplugged my phone, tried again, and it always starts. My guess is that it is somehow causing interference or diverting power that is meant for a device critical to the starting of the car. Any ideas where to start looking? I know my vehicle is equipped with a battery load monitor. When the computer (I assume the body control module) senses a load above some factory set value for more than 10 minutes with the engine off, it disables the power circuit. To reset it requires cycling the ignition switch. Turn the key to start nothing happens, turning the key a second type returns everything to normal. I know in my case you can forget a dome light, headlights or something plugged into the accessory outlet and in 10 minutes they shut off. Your case does seem extreme as you must remove the load to get it to reset.

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