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Campus Smoking Bans May Help College Students Quit THURSDAY, Sept. By contrast, Purdue's smoking rate increased somewhat to edge above 10 percent. What's more, Indiana University students who continued to smoke went on to smoke fewer cigarettes per day over the course of the study, while per-day cigarette totals went up at Purdue, the investigators found. Perceptions also shifted. During the two-year period, Indiana University students came to believe that fewer of their peers were still smoking (dropping from the pre-study estimate that about one-quarter of their fellow students smoked). This compared with a perceived uptick of nearly 8 percent among Purdue University students. The ban also appeared to affect the way students viewed smoking rights. Indiana University students came to increasingly step back from the notion that smoking among their peers was acceptable and a right. At Purdue the notion that students should be allowed to smoke went up 7 percent. And while support for campus-wide smoking bans and public area smoking regulations went up among Indiana University students, it decreased among their Purdue peers. Seo suggested that even with a weakly enforced ban, the fact of its existence may have contributed to the observed changes. "The positive changes may be attributable to increased awareness of the policy due to signage, media coverage and a campus bus completely wrapped with anti-tobacco messaging," he suggested.

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