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Can 1 to 2 cigarettes a day do harm to your body yes, of course it can! smoking will damage your lungs, turning them from pink to black which can lead to lung cancer and emphazema (spelling??). even if you don smoke a whole pack a day, one or two adds up and over time you will have the same effects as a bad smoker. if you live with other pple or smoke around them, you are harming them too because second hand smoke is just as powerful and harmful as smoking yourself. so before you pick up that cigarette, think: do you really want to harm yourself and the ones you love just to burn some tobacco? Anything you take too much of - even cough medicine or aspirin - can be bad for your body. And even small amounts of drugs kill your brain cells. Unlike your hair or fingernails, once a brain cell dies, it never grows back. Drugs also interfere with your ability to think clearly. People can do really dumb or dangerous things that could hurt them - or other people - when they use drugs. Keeping up with school becomes even harder for kids on drugs. Drugs can also prevent your body from growing properly and make you look sick all the time. Some drugs make kids angry when they use them. These kids get into fights with their parents, teachers, and friends. And using drugs even one time may be all it takes to permanently damage your body - or kill you. One hit of crack or cocaine can give you (yes, even a kid!) a heart attack and kill you. Sniff glue or some other inhalant just once and you may be unable to see - forever. Kids who use drugs may become dependent on them, or addicted. They become so used to a drug that they must have it to function. Once you have an addiction, it very hard to stop taking drugs. Stopping drug use brings on withdrawal symptoms - vomiting, sweating, tremors (shaking), even hallucinations (say: ha-loo-sin-ay-shun) - which continue until the body gets used to being without the drug. Hallucinations means that you see or hear things that aren really there. Smoking can ruin your body no matter how many you smoke. It the poison that is found in cigarettes that is harmful. You need to stop smoking before you go from 1 or 2 cigarettes a day to 1 or 2 packs a day. Trust me, it going to happen because I once was a smoker for many years and I wished I never smoked, because it ruined my body! You only have one body in this lifetime, take care of it. Besides, men don find it attractive to see a woman smoking. I lost a lot of money and potential dates because I was a smoker. So do yourself a favor and live well and be happy!

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