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If you like mild cigarettes, Marlboro red regular cigarettes are the very super choice for you. Marlboro is mild as May. Moreover, our online Cheap Wholesale Marlboro cigarettes are of great flavor, suitable for both ladies and gentlemen. In terms of pack

Can I press charges against booth owner Hi I rented out a booth at this small collectible show I payed 100 dollars a week so I can sell my trading cards. I didnt sign a contract . I just payed him weekly. So I show up this past sunday to open my booth and I noticed it was cleared out . I run into the owner and he tells me " you owed me some money so I packed your stuff up". I was surprised no notice at all. So I just asked for all of my merchandise back so I could be on my way then he says " oh no its gone. I sold it". Again no notice at all. Now I want to know is their anything I can do to get compensation for what this bastard did I promised three days business of Self Publish Books and News Paper with promises of selling Cheap Cigarettes, but the reason I promised the Cheap Cigarettes is because I speculated that my rich younger sister would gave me RM50.00 when she going back home after visiting our father and me, but instead I was end up with RM10.00 hard bargain. So the best, I could do for a better Promotions are to drive a new bargains. Source(s): Capital Expenditure = RM10.00 If he gave you no contract, then this is theft. Go to the police and file charges of theft against him. I would have never done a booth there without something written in paper, finding out ALL the ins and outs regarding the use of it, and the penalties if you fail to show up without giving the owner notice. Take this as a lesson. Nobody is going to be you in a business venture, which you were in. You made a lot of mistakes there and had non-payment for two weeks. He has a legitimate complaint against you but the sale of your merchandise was not legal.

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