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CANAL ZONE VETERANS NEWS AND FORUM PLEASE NOTE This Forum page will be used to notify the readers of new items appearing elsewhere on the Web Site; other matters associated with Canal Zone Veterans; and about serving in the Canal Zone. You are welcome to reply to these with your comments and to place messages of your own which should be of general interest to other CZ Veterans. No profanities please. Opinions expressed in letters on this page are those of the correspondents and are not necessarily those of the editor or anyone connected with the Britain's Small Wars website. EDITORS NOTE: The Archiving is now complete and the forum is open once more. The Archive will be added to the Canal Zone website, as and when time permits in the future. Hi Tony, Bob. Another funny story. During our stay in the desert I was on guard one night and I saw a small red light flickering just like a cigarette, so I got the cpl that was on guard duty, he called all the guard out and asked two of them to crawl out to see if the could locate it. Well after about an hour they could see noting so we were ask to keep our eyes on it till daylight. When daylight came we saw nothing, then we found out that it was a red lid light going on and off from one of the RAF airfields, well I wont tell you the gibes I got over that incident.

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