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Chain smoking is part of the job for Chinese tobacco appraisers Ms Liu works as a tobacco appraiser for Heilongjiang Tobacco Industrial Co Ltd in northeast China. "It's my job, and I like it," Ms Liu told the Global Times. "Besides, I haven't seen anyone around me or my friends getting sick from smoking yet." Ms Liu is one of hundreds of people working as tobacco appraisers in China the largest cigarette producer and consumer in the world. More than a quarter of China population (around 350 million people) are smokers, which accounts for 35 per cent of the world smokers. All day long, Ms Liu lights up at her desk, draws back on a cigarette and exhales slowly; evaluating the taste, flavour and irritant effects of each cigarette. Some days she smokes the equivalent of more than two packets of cigarettes. A graduate of organic chemistry from Heilongjiang University, Li began her career at the R center of Harbin Cigarette Plant in 1992, which has evolved into the unit she works at now. When she started, she was a non-smoker. She has endured several bouts of dizziness and vomiting at work from smoking too much but her latest physical exam returned a clean bill of health. Since 1992, she has been prohibited from wearing makeup at work, or using any perfumed products, as lipsticks and scents can alter the appraisers judgments about the taste and aroma of the cigarettes. She also avoids coffee and spicy foods, in order to maintain her sensitivity. An appraiser will smoke several thousand cigarettes over the course of a few months, as the final combination of tobacco leaves and spices is decided.

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