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Chapter 5 03 Cigarette Smoking Introduction: "Welcome to our lesson today, "The Harmful effects of Nicotine". Today we will be discussing the acute and chronic effects of nicotine and the many health consequences of smoking. 3,000 people die each day from the consequences of tobacco use. Cigarette smoking is the single most deadliest drug habit in the United States. It is well known now that smoking causes lung cancer, and it also increases morbidity and mortality in men and women. When we finish today, you will understand how Nicotine effects the body, as well as the other components of cigarette smoke, including carbon monoxide and tar. Also you will learn how to use healthy alternative behaivors and set goals and specific short/long term objectives. This will help you live a healthy lifestyle which can help you live longer. Introduction: "Welcome to Put it Out, Stop Smoking prevention part III. Survey statistics showthat the single greatest preventable cause of death and disease in the whole nation is smoking. Over 400,000 people die every year from tobacco use. The average age of young smokers start at age 12. 1 in every 5 person dies a year so, if you look amongst yourselves, a class of 25, at least 5 five of you would die in a year along from smoking or tobacco use." I am here to help you understand why smoking is not healthy and to answer questions you may have. IV. Goals/Objectives Setting. Written material with a printed card. Silent time for participants to write down their thoughts. Card will have helpful information like phone number to Tobacco Quitline. 10 minutes. Pamphlet, Cards, Pens, Paper V. Evaluation- Review - Questioning and active discussion .10 minutes. None Content Outline Method/Strategy Time Needed Materials Needed definition of tobacco Audiovisual 20 minutes PowerPoint, Computer, Projection Screen pictures of tobacco/ replacement products Summary of Discussion Questions What are some of the effects of smoking and second hand smoke?If your friend wanted to quit smoking right now what would you tell them to do?How can smoking effect the environment and what are ways we can help keep the environment clean?Can someone tell me a healthy alternative to smoking?What are your goals and objectives to quit smoking? Culmination: Today, we have identified how to characterize tobacco addiction. We have also identified how nicotine replacements can treat withdrawals and prevent relapse. During all three smoking prevention sessions, you should have obtained statistics and helpful information that will help save a life or even your own. Evaluation: By the end of the session participants will meet the objectives. The instructor will reveiw the material. Participants will be assessed by questioning. Participants will be asked to fill out a survey in regard to the session. This will help the instructor make any changes to the lesson that can improve the next session. Evaluation: During the last 20 minutes, I will ask questions from a question box. I will also ask the students for feedback to get an understanding of what they learned and last, I would have the students fill out a mini survey. Anticipated Problems: Some participants may not want to quit smoking and others may not want to be a part of the discussions. Some students may be shy- I would do a role playing session by dividing the students into groups and see how they interact amongst each other. Some students may feel they ask a silly question- By placing a question box in the room will allow students to anonymously ask questions. Lesson Extension: Have participants fill out Quitline Fax Referral Forms or have them call the Tobacco Quitline 1-800-QUIT-NOW. Alternative Plan B: Have several speakers who compare to the target audience who have quit smoking. Have a speaker from the American Lung Association or Arkansas Health Department. Jeremy Hogue: Your lesson plan looks well organized. Some of the other lesson plans have a chart, outlining their unit which seems to work pretty well. I think that this lesson plan covers more that just the contemplation behavior change theory also, which is a good thing. Crystal Collins: The lesson plan in general I think is really good. The summary of discussion questions I think are very effective. With cigarette smoking, I believe it is important to try to get to know the details about quitting smoking.

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