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The Long Island owner of a small fiefdom of 10 subway newsstands is a top source of smokes for teens -- busted more times by undercover city inspectors than any other cigarette purveyor. Fakhrul Alam, 55, of Jericho, LI, has been nabbed six times since 2006 during random sweeps of licensed sellers, according to the city Department of Consumer Affairs. The city suspended Alam's license in 2008 at his newsstand at the 14th Street subway station at Seventh Avenue, and revoked the one for his kiosk at the Fifth Avenue-59th Street stop in 2009. The development of two buildings in Brooklyn has been temporarily blocked by a federal judge, who ordered Friday that the mid-19th-century structures be returned to a designation of federally protected parkland. New York City had approved a proposal to allow one of the buildings, the Tobacco Warehouse, to be used by St. Ann's Warehouse, a theater company based in the Dumbo neighborhood that has been looking for a new home. The city was planning to take proposals for the Empire Stores building this spring, city officials said. But Judge Eric N. Vitaliano said that the National Park Service broke the law when it redrew the lines of Empire Fulton Ferry State Park without public hearings, leaving the Tobacco Warehouse and the Empire Stores, both waterfront structures, outside of the park's borders. In many parts of the world, this is just another job. In the countries I have visited in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, this is just another way of paying the bills. Why shouldn't Lonnie Loosie be allowed to free market his goods? Because we have made it impossible to do so because of regulation. Is this guy really causing society harm, hence the misdemeanor charges, or is he identifying a market and supplying the product, just as shoe shine men, shoe repair dudes, umbrellas, sunglasses, sunscreen, and many other loosie salespeople could be doing, but we are far more interested in a 'clean' sidewalk. regulations exist for a reason. . . . Beyond that, the tax on cigarettes subsidizes the services that NYers enjoy GREENWICH -- Those aren't candy cigarettes being sold from a former ice cream truck parked on the New York-Connecticut border. A gas station's creative solution to the recent New York state tax increase on cigarettes recently sparked controversy when it began using a truck decorated with fading stickers of frozen treats to sell packs of Camels and Newports at lower Connecticut prices. The convenience store of the Sunoco gas station at 780 W. Putnam Ave. The truck, which has been parked there for a few months, is legally allowed to sell packs of cigarettes for between $6 and $7.50, while they can cost up to $10 at stores in New York. "The first week it was there, there were little kids running up to it thinking it was an ice cream truck," said Bob Taylor, a resident of the Byram section who often buys cigarettes from the truck. Faruk Iqbal, who works at the Sunoco station, said after a couple of TV news crews visited and featured the truck on broadcasts, he decided to rip down the Choco Taco and Creamsicle advertisements. "We realized we probably did the wrong thing," Iqbal said. Visitors to City of Poughkeepsie parks will soon be unable to legally light up. The Common Council has approved a smoking ban in city parks and ballfields -- joining a number of local communities that have enacted similar legislation. Mayor John Tkazyik said officials had been considering snuffing out smoking in parks, but sped up the effort after a group of youth baseball players came to a recent council meeting and urged leaders to adopt a smoking ban. "They came with concerns regarding secondhand smoke," he said, adding city legal staff then drafted a local bill seeking to ban smoking in parks. The measure was approved by the council Monday night. Those assertions were in sharp contrast with the opening statement on Monday by a prosecutor for the Manhattan district attorney's office, Brian J. Fields, who said the defendants had cut corners and taken chances with safety in an attempt to maximize profits at the site. Workers at the building were simultaneously removing asbestos and deconstructing the 41 stories floor by floor until a cigarette sparked a fire on the 17th floor that blazed for more than an hour on Aug. 18, 2007. The two firefighters, Robert Beddia, 53, and Joseph P. Graffagnino, 33, died on the 14th floor. "A Cigarette for 75 Cents, 2 for $1: The Brisk, Shady Sale of 'Loosies' " (front page, April 5) reminds me of my days as a high school student at Brooklyn Tech in the early 1940s. Loosies were available on the street corners near the school, but in those days, the price was one penny each. With cigarettes selling for 12 or 15 cents a pack, there was a chance of making some real money with pennies then. I don't recalling ever seeing any police seeking out the sellers; it was looked upon as kid stuff. State Health Commissioner Nirav Shah, a physician, praised Ulster County today for its work in creating smoke-free outdoor public areas. Twenty-three of the 24 municipalities in the county either have adopted or plan to pass laws or regulations that restrict smoking in public-recreation areas. Shah made a stop in Rosendale, Ulster County, today to discuss the issue as part of his visits to six counties this week, which is National Public Health Week. "By prohibiting tobacco use in public outdoor areas such as parks, playgrounds, and beaches, Ulster County is making great progress toward its goal of becoming the healthiest county in the state," Shah said in a statement. "There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke, which is a danger even in outdoor areas. Children exposed to even small amounts of secondhand smoke are at heightened risk for adverse health effects."

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