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Cigarette Advertisements in the 1940's Issue or problem The issue with these kinds of advertisements is that the companies were using their influence on the public to exploit the fact that certain people smoke cigarettes, targeting only the kinds of people that would inspire the rest of the country to smoke as well, and disregarding the ill effects of smoking. The advertisement depicting soldiers smoking cigarettes was effective because soldiers were so highly respected and regarded as heroes. Reynolds Tobacco realized that the country looked up to these people, so they showed soldiers' usage and support of their product to take advantage of that admiration and advertise their cigarettes as the choice of strong, good Americans. Reynolds Tobacco, does the same thing, except it is projected more to just men than to the whole country. We see a stereotypical tough, stern looking man with a tattoo and a serious face smoking the product at hand, and the bottom of the ad reads: "You get the man-size flavor of honest tobacco without huffing and puffing." This ad gives the reader the idea that a "real man" enjoys tobacco, encouraging men to smoke and disregarding women. Markedness applies to this issue because with the introduction of the idea of soldiers smoking, cigarettes become linked to the army, navy and marines, changing cigarette smoking from a marked habit to one expected and typical. As for brand personality development, it is obvious that both advertisements are attempting to relate the product to the target audience. The Camel advertisement portrays the protectors of our country as enthusiastic smokers, so all the people who look up those protectors' bravery and strength will associate Camel cigarettes with those attributes. Naturally, people strive to exhibit those attributes, and this advertisement makes smoking Camel cigarettes a way for people to feel like their idols. The Marlboro advertisement markets Marlboro cigarettes as "man-sized," giving the cigarettes a personality that men can relate to.

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