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Cigarette butt costs bakery A cigarette butt found in a loaf yesterday cost a bakery owner $6000. In one of the first prosecutions under the new Food Safety Act, Gultekin Tankir, owner and manager of the Country Crust bakery in Campbellfield, was fined on two charges of failing to ensure food safety. Louise Paech-Maddocks, prosecuting, told the Broadmeadows Magistrates Court that a customer bought the loaf containing the cigarette butt in a Brunswick milk bar on June 24 last year. The bread was traced to Tankir's bakery. Tankir, of Meadow Heights, had spent $5000 on a smoking area outside the bakery and had told his staff he would sack them if they were caught smoking inside, she said. Defence counsel Michael Poynton said that at the time of the offence Tankir could not vigorously supervise the bakery because his wife was critically ill with a brain tumour. He was also caring for his three children, including a disabled teenager. Mr Poynton said Tankir did not seek to excuse himself but that he had been diverted from his business because of "devastating family hardship". He said Tankir, who pleaded guilty, was committed to safe food handling and had paid a consultant $30,000 to design a food safety program. He also employed cleaners, enforced food safety rules and put up "No smoking" signs in English and Turkish. Mr Poynton said Tankir sacked a supervisor and two staff after the cigarette butt incident. He had instructed the supervisor on safe food handling and in enforcing the no-smoking policy. Magistrate James Mornay accepted that a conviction was not warranted but said the offence was an "appalling lapse in the appropriate standards". He said the cigarette butt had not ended up in the loaf as a result of sabotage, but because smoking had gone on in and around the bakery for some time.

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