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Cigarette maker files lawsuit over Internet District Court in Manhattan asks that the New York law be overturned. mail, or interstate shipments," Smith said. The New York law "has implications for all e-commerce," he added. The law, signed by Gov. George Pataki in August, would ban direct sales of cigarettes over the Internet and the two other mediums in an attempt to prevent minors from making illegal purchases, according to state officials. A spokesman for the governor's office couldn't be reached this morning for comment on Brown Williamson's suit. Smith said Brown Williamson last week set up a new division called BWT Direct LLC that plans to offer some of its harder-to-find cigarette brands directly to smokers. The direct-marketing strategy is aimed at making the brands more visible at a time when retailers have finite amounts of shelf space for products such as cigarettes. "We've got a piece of the business that's kind of fading away if we don't figure out some way of getting these products [out and helping] consumers to be able to find them," Smith said. The brands in question include Tareyton, Carlton, Barclay, Misty and Capri cigarettes and together make up about 3.5% of the company's annual sales, "which is a nice piece of business," Smith added. Brown Williamson would collect all taxes on the cigarettes it plans to sell directly and forward the money to state and federal governments as required by existing law, according to Smith. The company plans to prevent sales to minors by using customer databases, voter registration information and photo ID validation methods to be sure of the identity and age of customers, he said. "I think New York may have a hard time supporting its position, providing all of its other laws are maintained," Wolhandler said. "I really have difficulty seeing how New York could ban [the Internet] as a channel. I think free trade is going to prevail on this one." However, the Texas Department of Transportation did win an online sales legal battle with Ford Motor Co. District Court judge upheld laws in that state prohibiting automakers from also acting as car dealers. Transportation officials in Texas had cited those laws in moving to halt an operation under which Ford was selling used cars via the Internet in the Houston area (see "Federal judge rules against Ford in Texas online sales case," link below). A similar case has been unfolding in Arizona, where two trade associations representing automakers filed suit in July in an effort to block a new state law that prohibits car manufacturers from using the Internet to sell directly to consumers (see "Automakers sue Arizona over online car sales," link below).

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