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Newport cigarettes, famous for its menthol flavor, are popular among the menthol cigarette smokers and business people. These cigarettes with mint taste are cool and mellow, which make you guys feel refreshing or even energic. You can smoke a Newport ciga

Cigarette Smoke I keep smelling cigarette smoke and I finally figured out where it coming from. My shoes! The guy I see is a heavy smoker and I know that when I come home after an evening out with him I need to shower and power wash my hair and all my clothes, but today at work I stuck with a lingering smell of smoke and I am almost positive it is coming from my shoes. I do not smoke so this is bugging me more than it should. The worst place for it to be is in my hair! I have waist length red hair and it is very hard to wash the smell of smoke out! What do you do wash out smoke odors? If you are not serious yet, I would consider looking elsewhere. I dated a smoker and eventually married him. Now almost 10 years later, he has recently quit. What a bunch of grief in between, and hubby never smoked around me. It seems this fellow isn that considerate, if your SHOES smell, what is he doing to your lungs. If you are already attched, then the two of you should have a talk. If he cares for you, he will accomodate you. I not saying he needs to stop smoking, just not around you. I knew hubby was serious about me when he stopped smoking in his own apt., because it bothered me. I date a smoker as well, and I noticed the same thing when we started dating, specifically my tennis shoes. There is an easy way to get the smell out: Get the scholls inserts(or whatever kind, they can even be generic), but make sure they don have the gel in them(just the plain cheap type is great). If you have tennis shoes(or something that can be thrown in the washing machine, wash them, dry them for about 20 minutes, douse them with febreeze, then but the sole inserts in there. They will pull out the smoke smell. If they are leather or cant be washed, take a really damp rag and wet the inside padding on the shoe with water(or febreeze whichever you prefer). Stick the insole in there and let it sit until the shoe is dry. It will pull the smoke smell out. Ok, I will out myself here, I am a smoker. BUT, I can understand how you feel. Cigarette smoke does smell nasty and it permeates everything. If he really likes you and doesn wish to quit he could go outside to smoke like Robin mentioned. I always ask people if they mind if I smoke, and not like when people ask you How are you today?. Good early training by my mom (who did not smoke). If people mind I don smoke around them, period. Actually other smokers used to laugh at me because when we went to dinner I would always ask if they minded if I smoked. Talk to him about it and if he really cares for you he will either quit or make some kind of arrangement to not expose you to his smoke. If he doesn care, well maybe you will find this out. Con - I have dealt with a lot of drug addicts in my life and if it was between cigarettes and Heroin, I would DEFINITELY choose to have my loved one addicted to cigarettes. Alexis - THANK YOU! Those are excellent ideas. :) Chana - Thank you as well! I don think a smoker had replied yet and I appreciate your insight, yes I will talk to him about this as it doesn bother me other than the smell. Both of my parents were smokers so you think I wouldn even notice that, but I guess considering I a non-smoker I can smell it more now.

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