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cigarettes could be banned in public places over fears they 'renormalise' smoking Significantly, usage among non-smokers remains negligible. 'While it is important to control the advertising of electronic cigarettes to make sure children and non-smokers are not being targeted, there is no evidence from our research that e-cigarettes are acting as a gateway into smoking.' Professor Robert West, who led the study, added: 'Despite claims that use of electronic cigarettes risks renormalising smoking, we found no evidence to support this view. 'On the contrary, electronic cigarettes may be helping to reduce smoking as more people use them as an aid to quitting.' The director-general of the Institute of Economic Affairs is also against the idea of banning e-cigarettes. Mark Littlewood told The Times: 'We have found potentially the best lifesaving alternative there is to the smoking of tobacco. 'E-cigarettes are a lifestyle product and a life-saving product and my concern is that public health bureaucrats are now more interested in whether there should be a cultural norm of individuals putting small cylindrical devices between their lips than whether the consequences of doing so are life-threatening.' For now, there are no immediate plans for a ban to be put in place. Professor Kevin Fenton, National Director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England said: 'We have not called for a ban on e-cigarette use in public spaces. 'PHE is working with our partners to consider the options for supporting safe use of e cigarettes to reduce harm and support smokers to quit, some of which were discussed by our board in February.'

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