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Colonade Suites in Mesa This hotel is disgusting! The room reeks of cigarette smoke, the furnishings are broken, there's no phone jack in the room, and much more! I can go on for hours! The place is a habitat for hookers and drug-addicts. The first night I was here, I witnessed what appeared to be a crack-head screaming at her boyfriend about an iPod. I cannot believe I had to call the police the first night! It's ridiculous! Furthermore, the Wi-Fi does not work and the hot water runs out in less than 15 minutes! Also, I found a cockroach in the refrigerator! Somebody needs to contact the health department! Seriously! And, please. do not drink the tap water! Why, you ask? Because it is cloudy and murky! Who knows what's in it! Just stay away from this f**kin' place at any cost! Thanks! Don't make the same mistake I did. Don't sign the no refund agreement until you see your room. Once you see a room, you won't want to stay there. When my wife and I went to our first room and found the window was broken and the door lock wasn't working. There were two trampy women in the stairway yelling at two guys in their cars who looked like crimminals. We got a another room closer to the front office. It was filthy, loud, and run-down. We couldn't wait to leave and find another motel. I recommend the Travelodge just down the street. You get what you pay for, and sometimes not even that.

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