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As one of the most famous and popular cigarette brands, Newport owns its popularity for the menthol flavor. Newport cigarettes taste uniquely mellow and cool. You will feel refreshing if you smoke Newport cigarettes with mint taste after your work or a ha

Colour coded At APPS Galleria 2013 in State Art Gallery, there are around 42 photographers telling stories through their pictures. Hosted by the Andhra Pradesh Photographic Society, the exhibition boasts of an exhaustive variety of photographs. What makes the exhibits interesting to watch is that they are by different kinds of photographers, some professional and others passionate about displaying their images. The photographers have selected diverse subjects and there are some candid photographs too. Jagan Pannala, a senior lecturer in zoology and Eshwar Kumar, lecturer in English are photographers by hobby. While the former has displayed his love for birds, the latter has captured Caesar palace. Dr. Bakhtiar Choudhary, Masood Hussain, an electrical engineer, V. Nageshwar Rao, a retired Asst. food controller, amongst others, have raised a toast for bird photography. With the Ramzan season, Jitender Hari picture of a prayer session in front of Charminar is apt while Pulak Halder has displayed three photographs ofDurga idol during Durga. If the first one shows the clay idol, the second one captures the artisans giving finishing touch to the idol and the third is the resplendent goddess during the. Nalla Tambi old woman stares into the camera. The wrinkles on her face, pale eyes, gold nose stud with a black stone have been effectively captured. Move around and there is L. Vishwanadham black and white photo of a bearded man with a cigarette in hand and Bargav Harge cheerful photograph of a little girl smiling. Drop in at the exhibition before it ends on August 6. World of ikats Pochampally Handloom Park is back telling an ikat story to its fashionable and handloom customers. The Pochampally Ikat Artbeing held at the State Art Gallery has a lot to choose from. Colourful CD covers, simple purses and pillow covers sit alluringly at the entrance. If you are looking for a stole to drape around your neck, you will find them hanging stylishly, available at prices starting from Rs. 250 . There are organic shirts for men and dress materials for women. The saris are a real steal. Coming in bright colours, the six-yardwonder is quite a highlight here. Designer Nikita Jain tells us the mantra has been to create something bright and beautiful. have included vibrant colours like pink and fuchsia this season. Keeping with the trend, even the designs have been modified. They are geometrical and not floral. We have created a collection for the young crowd, she says. The SICO collection with a mixture of silk and cotton has a multi-coloured feel to it. Ikat quilts in cotton and silk exude a cosy feel. One can also find

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