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Do tobacco flavored electronic cigarette juices contain the same chemicals as tobacco Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping: Do tobacco flavored electronic cigarette juices contain the same chemicals as tobacco? I initially assumed that tobacco flavored e juice used artificial flavorings to match the flavor of tobacco. But I have found some brands which bost that their tobacco flavor is extracted from real tobacco. Does that extraction process also extract the harmful chemicals in tobacco that I trying to avoid by smoking e cigarettes? Does this mean I have to switch to some obnoxiously sweet mango passionfruit e juice? Please say it ain so! Electronic cigarettes work by generating a vapor that looks, feels and tastes like tobacco smoke. The formula used by some e-cigarette suppliers consists of vegetable glycerin (this makes the vapor), flavor extracts (this gives the taste, including tobacco flavors) and a small amount of nicotine (this is what you want as a smoker). A battery energizes a heating element in the e-cigarette that vaporizes this formula. The many harmful chemicals that smokers are exposed to are generally from burning tobacco. There are over 4,000 chemical by-products in tobacco smoke, including over 50 known carcinogens. The flavor extracts that are used to give the taste of tobacco may be derived from tobacco, but any exposure to the nasty by-products of tobacco smoke is minimal at best.

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