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'Include vaccine for cervical cancer in public health policy' Famous oncologist and chief scientific advisor to Basavatarakam Indo-American Cancer Hospital Research Institute (BIACHRI) Dr. Nori Dattatreyudu has suggested inclusion of cervical cancer vaccine in the public health policy in India. Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, he expressed concern over the increasing incidence of cancer in India at a time when it had been coming down in the western countries. Lack of awareness among people on preventive steps and lack of education on the symptoms of cancer for its early detection was the reason for increasing number of cancer patients, he said. Dr. Dattatreyudu, who is here to participate in the Global Oncology Summit-2013 being organised by BIACHRI from March 28 to 31, said the cases of head neck and cervical cancer were high in India due to the habits of cigarette smoking, tobacco chewing and lack of personal hygiene. Public education was most important to create awareness on these aspects, he felt. Mandatory administration of cervical cancer to all adolescent girls would bring down cases of cervical cancer drastically, the US-based oncology expert said, adding that 200 women were dying in India every day due to the disease. However, the number of such patients was coming down in advanced countries as they had made cancer vaccination part of their public health policy, he stated. In the US, about 1.6 lakh cervical cancer cases used to be detected and the deaths were around 25 per cent about 35 years ago, but the number of detections had come down to 10,000 and deaths into just a couple of hundreds in the last five years, he said. He brushed aside misgivings about cervical cancer vaccine and said it should be included in the public health policy here by bringing down its manufacturing cost.

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