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As one of the most famous and popular cigarette brands, Newport owns its popularity for the menthol flavor. Newport cigarettes taste uniquely mellow and cool. You will feel refreshing if you smoke Newport cigarettes with mint taste after your work or a ha

Don't Believe Everything You See On The Internet In my article, With Obama In White House, Who Needs Republicans? I had used this photo which, I later came to learn from Jimmy Zuma of DC Water Cooler, and Technorati political Editor, Curtis Silver, was not genuine. In fact this doctored photo was created by the Arizona Republican Party about a year ago, and they used it in their campaign as an instrument to discredit Obama in their war against Health Care Reform. The picture was first printed on the cover of AZGOP News with the following caption: Broken promises, rampant government spending, and Chicago-style politics have marred the first 200 days of the Obama Presidency according to Arizona Republican Chairman Randy Pullen. Thanks to the watchful eyes of Jimmy Zuma, here I get a chance to redeem myself, nonetheless, I wonder, in this age of information explosion how do we safeguard ourselves against such mistakes. We, the free-soul bloggers, who write on Technorati regularly, depend on internet as the primary source for our materials for blogging. We are grateful to Technorati for giving us absolute freedom to express our opinion, which is so rare in other media, and that is why we feel obligated, that we in turn, only use genuine materials for our posting. So our readers please feel free to bring it to our attention when you discover such slip on our parts. By the way here is the original photo that was taken by Kwame Ross on Aug. 3, 2004, during Obama campaign for the Senate seat in Illinois. As you can see, neither he had cigarette in his lips, nor did he look so haggard. Just because Obama smoked at the time, did not mean that some one could doctor one of his published photo to serve their own propaganda. And what is the story on Obama smoking? have not seen or witnessed evidence of any smoking in probably nine months, said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs recently, answering a question during his regular media briefing about Obama habit.

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