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Electronic Cigarette And Babies The usual cigarettes are well known to have within them tobacco and tar which are a threat to a baby's health making it at great risk of getting fatal chest problems amongst other diseases. On the other hand, the emitted smoke, its odor is plainly offensive to the child and may be the main reason why it cries as often as it drives you nuts. Moreover their always is in this cigarettes a residue of a foul acrid smell that irritates the baby's senses and eyes. Whereas, traditional cigarettes posses cancer causing agents namely; carcinogens, there as appeared a new sensation in the nature of electronic cigarettes. This may give sufficient answers to how a smoker may safely smoke a cigarette in front of his or her baby. It is generally agreed by all and sundry that as far as traditional smoking goes, there is no way it would ever be safe to smoke in front of a child without directly exposing him/her to fatal danger. Nevertheless, electronic is said to be safe in many ways. Smoking is very addictive. In this regard by extension, addicted smokers have perfected the strange habit of smoking dangerously in front of their babies even when it is legally not accepted. To help such people, who refuse to quit smoking or are willing to leave but the withdrawal symptoms scare them away, presented is a harmless electronic cigarette that can satisfy their attachment to smoking and still maintain its safety especially towards their babies. It is even examined and disclosed that the similar sensational, emotional and physical pleasures are inherent in the cigarette.

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