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Electronic cigarettes are carcinogenic Kimberly Gillan As anti-smoking laws finally close in tobacco consumption, the adoption of e-cigarettes has soared, especially in Europe. But a French consumer watchdog has released its own research saying the substitutes are still cancer-causing. The study of 10 popular e-cigarette brands by French magazine 60 Million Consommateurs (60 Million Consumers) found they contain enough carcinogenic chemicals to potentially make them as bad for you as tobacco. Touted as a quit-smoking aid, the magazine says consumers are being misled and e-cigarettes are "far from the harmless gadgets they're sold as by manufacturers". E-cigarettes are made from plastic and work by heating up liquid using a battery, so when you inhale it produces water vapour. Around one million French people use e-cigarettes; however the French government recently announced a ban on their use in public places. "We detected a significant quantity of carcinogenic molecules in the vapour of these cigarettes, which have thus far gone undetected," editor Thomas Laurenceau wrote. "In three models, the levels of the carcinogenic compound formaldehyde come close to those of a conventional cigarette. The highly toxic molecule acrolein was also detected in the vapours of e-cigarettes, sometimes at levels even higher than in traditional cigarettes." They also pointed out that some models lacked child-proof safety caps, which is dangerous because the nicotine levels in e-cigarettes can be lethal to children.

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