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Newport cigarettes, famous for its menthol flavor, are popular among the menthol cigarette smokers and business people. These cigarettes with mint taste are cool and mellow, which make you guys feel refreshing or even energic. You can smoke a Newport ciga

Electronic cigarettes e Since the question is about risk specific to e-cigarette as opposed to classic cigarettes, what's left is the potential harm from the chemicals in refill-fluids (apart from nicotine): polyethylene glycol, glycerol, alcohol, linalol, flavours. Some other articles (I can't find a reference right now) point out that the moderate heating of the fluid might create harmful byproducts, differently from those in regular cigarette: acroleine, formaldehyde. The use of e-cigarette is probably too recent to have long-term studies that answer your question. There is a risk of paradoxical conversion from e-cigs to regular ones by teenagers/beginners because starting smoking with e-cigs can increase tolerance to nicotine and raise the need to higher concentrations of it to achieve the desired sensation of "smoking", thus the user can replace the e-cigs to regular and more toxic ones. "Use of electronic cigarettes, devices that deliver a nicotine-containing vapor, has increased rapidly across the country and globally. Perceived and marketed as a "healthier alternative" to conventional cigarettes, few data exist regarding the safety of these devices and their efficacy in harm reduction and treatment of tobacco dependence; even less is known about their overall impact on population health. This review highlights the recent data regarding electronic cigarette toxicity, impact on lung function, and efficacy in smoking reduction and cessation. Studies show that the vapor generated from electronic cigarettes has variable amounts of nicotine and potential harmful toxins, albeit at levels lower than in conventional cigarettes. The long-term carcinogenic and lung function effects of electronic cigarettes are not known. Although some data demonstrate that electronic cigarettes may be effective in reducing conventional cigarette consumption, there are no data demonstrating the efficacy of electronic cigarettes as a tool to achieve cessation. Until robust longitudinal evaluations demonstrate the safety of electronic cigarettes and efficacy in treatment of tobacco dependence, their role as a harm reduction tool is unclear."

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