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Newport cigarettes, famous for its menthol flavor, are popular among the menthol cigarette smokers and business people. These cigarettes with mint taste are cool and mellow, which make you guys feel refreshing or even energic. You can smoke a Newport ciga

Electronic Cigarettes For Sale For Only PRLog (Press Release) - Jul. 28, 2009 - Gainesville Fl. E Cigarettes National would like to announce the launch of a new product that is likely to take the electronic cigarette industry by storm. It is called the Gamucci Continental and is a full scale disposable electronic cigarette that has the look and feel of a traditional cigarette. The great thing about this new electronic cigarette is that it is disposable, has a low price, and makes it affordable for anyone to try the electronic cigarette without investing large sums of cash until full starter Kit. With most kits starting at around $79 and topping out at around $175, it is understandable as to why some smokers are still on the fence concerning switching to the new electronic cigarette. Most electronic cigarette companies admitted that the reason that their electronic cigarettes are not selling at much higher quantities is because most consumers are afraid of spending large quantities of money on something that they are not sure that they will like. "We believe this product will encourage smokers to try the electronic cigarette to see if they like it" states Tiffany Ellis of e cigarettes national "there are so many other reasons why this new disposable electronic cigarette is so amazing, it can be used at backyard barbecues, sporting events, or a night on the town. There are actually thousands of uses for this new disposable electronic cigarette, a major one is that you do not risk losing your kit when you are out and about" The Gamucci Continental also sets itself apart from other traditional disposable electronic cigarettes in the look and feel of it. Most disposable electronic cigarettes are large and bulky with more of a cigar type look and feel. Just the size and weight of the use can be somewhat daunting to the traditional cigarette smoker because they are bulky, and do not mimic the weight in the hills of traditional tobacco cigarettes. The Gamucci Continental does have the size and look of a traditional tobacco cigarette. At a distance, the Gamucci Continental looks the same as a traditional tobacco cigarette. The nicotine solution is also the same solution that is used in all other Gamucci electronic cigarette products. It is a water-based solution that has nicotine, and propylene glycol, which is a food additive in most common foods, like cake mixes, pasta, and countless other foods, and flavors to get the taste a cigarette. The most recent report from the Food and Drug Administration proves beyond any reasonable doubt electronic cigarettes are indeed safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes. All of the ingredients that the FDA found in the recent study are already found at the same or greater measurements in traditional tobacco cigarettes. # # # E Cigarettes National is a 1 stop retailer for high quality electronic cigarettes and other e cigarette products and supplies. PRLog can't be held liable for the content posted by others. Report Abuse

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