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electroniccigarette ecig ecigarette I want to use liquid rather than reorder cartridges. They all have their pros and cons, but it seems the only real selling point of that model (also known as a "super-mini") is that it is closest in size to a regular cigarette. Those small ones have a noted shorter battery-life and the cartridges don't hold nearly as much liquid (and thus don't last as long) as on other models. And, though it has the appeal of looking most like a cigarette, if you're hoping to use it at work or in public places where smoking is not allowed, bosses and bar-staff are more inclined to let a person use one inside when it looks very unlike a real cigarette. Most people at the forum (and I think I agree) tend to say the DSE901 (aka "mini") is the best choice for a first e-cig (compromise between being close to cigarette-size, battery-life, cartridge-life, initial price, cost and availability of spare parts, ease of troubleshooting). The DSE801 (aka classic or penstyle) scores better on all points, but is a bit bigger and clunkier. But not so much that you can't get used to it in a day. I had a good experience with The Smokeless Shop but they're one of the suppliers having customs/FDA-difficulties right now. It's tough getting started in a big forum and filtering out the good information from the bad, so after my failure choosing a good supplier, I came to AskMe. Yeah, the NJOY they have at Costco wasn't well liked on the forum. I may get one anyway just to get something quickly, but I'd still like to order something better. I looked at the DSE901, and it was my second choice. The Loong Totem seemed just slightly better (not just performance-wise, but I liked that it was a bit more cigarette-like, and I figured I'd take to it easier if it more closely replicated what I'm used to). If it's more readily available, though, I might go for it. tipped me off that the UK supplier totallywicked-eliquid recently opened a US branch, with the caveat that he'd heard they were having some trouble getting established (customs/shipping problems). The UK side has a great reputation for products and service, so I'm giving them a shot. I ordered a DSE901 yesterday, and received confirmation that it shipped today, so I'm feeling confident. That's less than helpful. posted by solo at 10:54 AM on April 14, 2009 Holy crap! I just received my e-cig from totallywicked! $7 for shipping, and I got it in two days. I'm blown away. This went perfectly. posted by solo at 1:35 PM on April 16, 2009 A bit of an update for anyone who comes across this. The 901 was great at first, but it quickly became very inconsistent. It would either not draw at all, needing a starter puff to get it going, or the atomizer wouldn't shut off after drawing, causing it to overheat and turn off for a minute. A friend bought one on my recommendation and had the same experience.

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