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Extreme Q Vaporizer Reviews Traditional cigarettes burn the tobacco in and as a result of it the smoke contains tiny particles of unburned tobacco which harm the respiratory system of the person. But a vaporizer burns herbs instead of tobacco that too it burns them completely which does not happens in case of a cigarette. As a result of this, only the fumes of the burned fuel are released by the vaporizer and not the unburned particles which would harm the lungs of the person. The most recent version of the Extreme Q Vaporizer which is called the Extreme Q Vaporizer 2.0 contains a temperature curb system which means that the user can control the temperature of the heating element which burns the herb contained in it. As different herbs require different temperatures to burn completely, the temperature curb system in the Extreme Q vaporizer can be very helpful for a person who wishes to inhale the fumes of different types of herbs at different times. Moreover, to make the product secure within the hands of the user, the manufacturers provide the vaporizer with a lifetime warranty to their customers. This is because of the fact that if something happens to the vaporizer, then the customer would not have to spend a lot of money in its repairing. Nowadays, because of the extreme sophisticated built of vaporizers, people use them as oil diffusers, aromatherapy units and steamers apart from using them as a vaporizer for inhaling fumes generated by burning a herb of the person's choice. The user can also control the density with which the balloon is filled with the fumes. This helps the inhaler to inhale the fumes at different densities at the same time. Everything in an Extreme Q Vaporizer is automatic. The vaporizer allows the user to shut down the vaporizing system automatically after 4 hours of the vaporizing session has been started by him. To make things simple, the Extreme Q Vaporizer is equipped with an LCD screen to display all the information about the tasks that has been performed by the vaporizer like the temperature of the herb and the density of the fumes. Extreme Q vaporizer is really very easy to use and this is why most users prefer this vaporizer over any other vaporizer available in the market.

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