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Far Better than your conventional tobacco cigarette The whole world is suffering from the ill-effects of smoking including men women and adolescents. Social reformers as well as the govts are trying hard to eradicate the smoking habit. However the result shows that even after trying hard the success rate is very minimal. Since the world started taking smoking a serious threat to the society. An alternative was found in the form of electric cigarette. The electric cigarette was invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003 and later introduced in the market. It got the first patent in the year 2007. An electronic cigarette is small white stick, which looks just like your traditional cigarette contains a chamber that vaporizes pure liquid nicotine into a puff of steam. It uses the heat or ultrasonic to vaporize glycerine based into an aerosol mist. Electric cigarettes are available in different designs and resemble to cigar or pipes and are reusable with replaceable and refillable parts. The e-cigarettes are also available in different flavours and one can choose the flavour of his own choice. The electronic cigarette acts as smoking cessation device which deliver the fun of smoking without harming the health which is caused due to the use tobacco smoke. Electric cigarette is made up of: Electronic cigarette is made up of three components: a cartridge, an atomizer, and a battery unit. The cartridge is a small, usually disposable, plastic container with openings on each end. It generally consists of an absorbent, sponge-like material saturated with the liquid solution to be vaporized. The mouthpiece is constructed to the easy flow of vapour to the container to be used by the user's mouth. Once the liquid is depleted in the cartridge user can decide whether to refill it or replace it with another cartridge. The atomizer acts as a heating element and heats up the liquid and vaporizes the solution to inhale it. The atomizer contains a filament which needs to be replaced and this is the only recurring expense for the user. Electric cigarette is powered by rechargeable battery and is the largest component of the cigarette. Batteries are recharged by with different types of battery chargers - such as AC outlet, car, and USB - are usually available. Another power option is direct USB power, which is available for most electronic cigarette models. A USB-tethered module is attached to the cigarette in place of a battery. Most commonly used liquid in electric cigarette is Nicotine solution to produce vapour. Liquids are available in hundreds of flavours and some flavours resemble to traditional cigarette types, such as regular tobacco and menthol, and fruit flavours, such as chocolate, vanilla, caramel, coffee, and cola, are also available.

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