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A Bravenet Looked at the Caddo Nation Website a few minutes ago and noticed the Chairman, if you can call her that, has posted Kenny Poindexter as OKC Rep. (wrong), no vacancy, Teresa Keller is the OKC Rep, just someone she thinks she can control, Carla Guy as Treasurer, wrong again, I'm the Treasurer, trying another control tactic again, Ann Donaghey was removed on August 6, 2012, but guess that check looks too good to her to consider doing the right thing, and has Todd Goodman's position as Vice Chairman vacant. These are the legal, valid Council Members: Brenda Edwards, Chairman, Todd Goodman, Vice-Chairman, Teresa Keller, OKC Rep, Marilyn Threlkeld, Binger Rep, Laura Jarvis, Treasurer, Elouise Harjo, Ft Cobb Rep, and Jennifer Reeder, Secretary. There is a vacancy but that is the Anadarko Rep, Ann Donaghey was legally removed on August 6, 2012. At an illegal Council Meeting on Friday, July 6, 2012, Brenda Edwards chaired a meeting with two other Council members, Ann Donaghey and Elouise Harjo (needs 5 for a quorm to conduct a meeting) and passed 18 motions, which she acted on the following day, Saturday, July 7, 2012, at a membership meeting. She appointed and confirmed, Guyneth Scholes, Marie Nestell and Charlotte Bentley to the Election Board, all of which was illegal, she then had them to swear in Carla Guy as Treasurer, illegal and assume they swore in Kenny Poindexter later because she now considers him the OKC Rep. She terminated Christine Noah as business manager, brought in Diana Woodward from Texas to do her thing and of course, she still has Gina Sage who went through this all with LaRue and knows all the ins and outs of tyranny. The Chairman can only hire, has to be approved by a "legal Council". Enough for now - Just had to say! Yes, Kenny Poindexter and the other person is Carla Guy???????? Both are invalid, whatever, seated on the Council. That is thanks to the Chairman, Brenda Edwards, who held the January 21, 2012 Recall Meeting where, after 68 days and the Constitution states "within 15 days" they held a recall meeting on Jennifer Reeder, illegal as me setting me up a still somewhere. She then called for a membership meeting where Carla Guy and the Texas Caddo, Diana Woodward (whatever) did a little tap dance on me, having the membership, mostly the Butler's and the Guy's to vote I had been in office illegally since 2010, again illegal, gotta do it the right way or it don't work. AND THAT IS THE KIND OF MENTALITY, FALLS IN WITH THE CHAIRMAN'S, THAT WE HAVE SITTING ON THE COUNCIL. What some people won't do for the almighty dollar. WHEN THEY LEGALLY RECALL OR REMOVE ME I WILL NO LONGER BE ON THE COUNCIL, TO THAT TIME, I WILL CONTINUE TO BE THE TREASURER. Curious, my thoughts, other than throwing out little tidbits every now and then, don't believe you would know straight if it smacked you up side the head. Believe you just want to banter and too tired for that. And cry "foul", notta, try to go by the Constitution and try to do things right, got it. And as far as "sleep with dogs you'll wake up with fleas", never slept with a dog, nor have I woke up with fleas, one bite of me and it would be bye, bye, birdie for them. Now, the truck stop, casino and all the other wonderful things I thought would happen, I have no problem saying that is what I thought the sitting Chair would do. Little did I know that this one makes LaRue, who I still managed to have a cigarette with until she was out of office, visit her at home before she went and in some idiotic way of mine, I still cared for her, makes LaRue look like a saint.

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