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God's grace In an introspective moment I wonder why we, for eternity, complain about life and regret that life hasn't turned out the way we had always thought it would be. How effortlessly we blame 'God' for the things we couldn't accomplish and for things that went wrong. We fight in the name of God, sometimes sacrifice lives to gratify gods but do we ever stop by to think whether 'God' ever demanded any of this? In the past week, Delhi witnessed a satirical play where a common man bumps into God in a café and a round of questions and answers that follows between the two, over a pint of beer! Adapted by Anurag Kashyap and directed by Cyrus Dastur, is a light-hearted play that makes you laugh and think, all at the same time. Having been performed all over India and even abroad, the play made its debut back in 2003. "The play started 10 years back and is written by a young American student. Originally called God, Man And A Pint Of Beer , which Anurag beautifully adapted into Hindi," says Cyrus Dastur who, himself plays the lead in the play. "The play has constantly evolved since its inception but the basic structure remains the same. The part of God was earlier played by Anurag Kashyap but later Tom Alter was roped in for this part. He has been playing God since 2004," adds Dastur. Dressed in a rugged brown jacket, Tom Alter left the audience spellbound with his hilarious chat with the common man. While 'God' stole sips from Cyrus's beer and lit a cigarette during their tête-à-tête, the conversation swerved from a man's true purpose in life to poverty and distress in the world. Held at Hotel Country Inn Suites By Carlson, the play opens and ends as a musical with scores like 'Time of my Life' and 'Mama Mia' are sung by singer Auxilia Sequeira and the discussion between the common man and God, takes you through a gamut of emotions. It connects instantly and relates perfectly with its audience because of its humorous yet sensitive content.

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