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Good ideas for a trailer trash costume The guy needs greasy long hair, cheap cigarettes (or a can of chewing tobacco, called chaw), a tight torn up oil stained band t-shirt (country, classic hard rock) with the sleeves cut off, draw some bad tattoos on your hand, tight torn up stained jeans with a faded ring on the butt from always sitting on the can of "chaw," and torn up old work boots. Throw in a ratty old straw cowboy hat, a bottle of Jack Daniels, and a Union Flag belt buckle, if you will. A whitetrash chick needs a white denim mini skirt, brightly colored tubetops that are too small and show too much skin, enourmous hoop earrings, large bouncy hair with bangs, too much make-up (bonus points if the eye shadow matches the tube top) with fake eyelashes and really really long fake nails in a bright color. Tall shoes, platform sandals are great. Add some bangle bracelets and Virginia Slims (and maybe a baby [doll] to carry on her hip), and you got it. Basically, go for tasteless, and remember that redneck and trailer trash aren the same. Rednecks are poor but generally working hicks from the country. Trailer parks are a white ghetto filled with trash.

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