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Good pasture syndrome Good pasture syndrome also called anti-glomerular vault antibody disease. Good pasture syndrome is a disease that affects the kidneys and lungs. It is an autoimmune disease a condition in which the body's own security system reacts against several part of the body itself. When the immune system is working normally, it creates antibodies to fight off germs. It usually involves rapidly progressive kidney failure that develops in days to weeks along with lung disease. People generally are short of breath and cough up blood. Symptoms can rapidly become severe: Breathing can fail, and big amounts of blood can be lost. At the similar time, the kidneys can rapidly fail. There may be little amounts of blood in the urine. The exact cause is unknown. Sometimes the disorder is triggered by a viral infection, or by the inhalation of gasoline or other hydrocarbon solvents. An association also exists between cigarette smoking and the syndrome. The major aim is to eliminate the circulating antibodies from the blood. Antibiotic treatment of lung infection and stopping smoking may also help to reduce lung hemorrhaging. Good pasture syndrome is treated with immunosuppressive drugs given by mouth to keep the immune system from making antibodies. Corticosteroids may be given intravenously to control bleeding in the lungs. Immune suppressants such as cyclophosphamide or azathioprine are used aggressively to reduce immune system effects. Many people may need supportive care until the disease runs its course. People may require supplemental oxygen or may need to be on a ventilator for a period of time. Blood transfusions may also be needed. Kidney transplantation may be performed in patients who bear irreversible loss of kidney function. People should shun glue sniffing and the siphoning gasoline. Stopping smoking, if a family history of renal failure exists, may stop some cases.

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