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Happy Halloween and Thank You So this past Saturday night we had our annual Halloween get together in Los Angeles with the proceeds going to the Gentlemen's Gentlemen Youth and Young Adult Scholarship Program. Kudos to Alan-Michael and Alfred for hosting and for everyone that helped and contributed. We had a great time as usual. Costumes at this year's party ranged from Beyonce to Diana Ross, Zoo Keeper's and wild animals, big baby's, and I think I saw Zorro too! All in all, a good time was had by all and I got to partake in one of my favorite pastimes, hollering domino! Yeah, we slapped bones and played cards. It felt good to play bones again, I might have to have a little domino party at my house soon. Looking forward to our holiday party…thanks again for all those that came and helped to spread the word, it's much appreciated. Hey, if you think your costume can top mine, lol…drop me an email with you in your costume, your name, and location. I'm thinking that if I get enough photos I'll do a collage of photos showing our creativity and different costumes for this year on Friday, November 2. If you're in Los Angeles, on Tuesday night Michelle's XXX is hosting their annual Halloween costume party and on Wednesday is West Hollywood's Carnival. Oh and here's a photo from last year's Halloween Party, what a difference a diet and some exercise can make!!! Newports Cigarettes is the best way of buying authentic high-quality Buy Newport 100. Most people who smoke and therefore have to buy Marlboro Red somewhere will surely say - online, and they will be right. Shopping online offers a number of advantages, and in the case with Marlboro cigarettes the advantages are quite obvious. Firstly, you do not have to leave home to go and buy that pack of Buy Cheap Newport just because you ran out of your supply. Of course, your order will not be delivered in 20 minutes, but if you take care of it in advance and order the quantity of packs you need you will just have to periodically open your door to get your delivery. Obviously, the more you order at once - the less you pay per one pack, so if you are not planning on quitting any time soon you might as well go for a big order - although it might seem like a lot of money you are really saving in the long run and will be supplied with plenty of Buy Newport Cigarette to last for a few months. Additionally, Internet is a place of endless possibilities, which in case of Cheap Newport Cigarettes means great variety and only the most famous and popular brands available. Add to this the convenience of shopping, discounts and possibility of free delivery - and you've got a perfect place to shop. Wholesale Newport Cigarettes is a very famous brand of cigarette made by Altria Group, Inc., which was formerly named as Phillip Morris Companies Inc. Nowadays, Marlboro is very well- known for its billboard and commercial advertisements featuring the Wholesale Cigarettes. Marlboro first come out in the market in 1920 and was first intended for women with the advertisement featuring women and carrying the slogan that goes, Mild as May. During that phase, the main characteristic of the Marlboro cigarette is the red tip that was enough to cover or hide the lipstick mark from a woman that consumes the cigarette. A slowdown on the sales of Cheap Newports packs during the World War II was the reason why Carton Marlboro was pulled out of the market. However, the cigarette brand was invigorated and revitalized during the 1950s. During this period, various researches showed connective link between cigarette smoking and the development of cancer for the smokers. Marlboro with filters was assumed by many as an alternative believing that the filters are vital enough to lessen the risk of developing cancer for those who enjoy smoking.

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