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As a smoker, you can choose Marlboro filter cigarettes. Filter cigarettes are better for one's health. Marlboro is short for "Man Always Remember Love Because Of Romance Only". And as a romantic guy, you can choose Marlboro gold cigarettes if you like. He

High Pulse Rate At Rest So you have noticed you have a high pulse rate at rest and want to know why. If you are otherwise healthy, this could be a sign of stress, dehydration, over-hydration (see thin blood), or a side effects of certain drugs(pharmaceutical or otherwise). More than likely though it is a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and diet. A fast heart rate(or pulse) is a sign that you have poor blood flow and your heart is struggling to keep up with the needs of your body. If left untreated, this can lead to heart palpitations, murmur, and eventually arrest. So what are you doing that is causing this? No, not the stuff on your teeth. Plaque just means gunk that plugs things up. In this particular case, I`m talking about plaque in your arteries and veins. The more plaque you build up, the less blood gets through and the harder your heart has to work. Eventually, enough plaque can build up to completely block the bloodflow to certain parts of your body, leading to some very nasty results! There are a lot of substances that can build up plaque. The most well known are LDL cholesterol and trans fats from greasy and processed foods as well as tar and other substances you take in from smoking cigarettes. The best thing you can do to deal with plaque is to first deal with the source and then start a cardio training routine to help clear that nasty stuff out. Get a move on, though. If plaque stays for too long, it will cause your arteries to permanently harden, leading to a variety of lasting symptoms ranging from losing all cold tolerance to erectile dysfunction. In some people, it is possible to have blood so thin that your heart loses it`s normal rhythm. This can be caused by either not having enough salt in your diet or high levels of exhaustion/sleep deprivation. Of course, it is unlikely that a modern diet will leave you wanting for more sodium. It is a virtue to work hard, but remember that you are only made of flesh and bone! A little rest now and then will not only fix these kinds of health problems, but will allow you to work harder and smarter when you get all rested up! Take care of these things and for these reasons and also to look a little better if that suits your fancy! Being in great shape has far reaching effects in your life!

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