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Hong Kong Arriving into Hong Kong was an amazing experience. The first thing that struck you was the frenetic pace at which this city operates. Cars, buses, motorbikes all jostling for position on the road, while thousands of pedestrians both stride and amble along the streets. The huge consumer culture is evident everywhere with massive billboards and other outdoor advertising with neon lights hanging on every available space, and the huge shopping centres looming over the skyline. The huge amount of restaurants to choose from makes deciding where to have a meal a big decision in itself, with customers attracted to the restaurant entrances by hosts and the life like replicas of the food available within on display near the door. On the first night, dinner at Heaven on Earth in Kowloon gave us a wonderful introduction to Hong Kong cuisine, followed by bar hopping in the Soho area. On a trip to Victoria Peak the following day we saw amazing views of Hong Kong, although it was slightly clouded over. The tramcar to the summit of the peak feels like a 45-degree incline as the tramcar slides up the side of the peak. A coach trip down the mountain past the towering apartment buildings and Spanish villas of the affluent in Hong Kong brought us to the Aberdeen harbour where we boarded a boat for a tour around the harbour to see traditional fishing boats. Entire families exist on these boats that reside in the same harbour as multi million dollar super yachts and cruisers, as well as the monstrous Jumbo floating restaurant. Next was a trip to the Stanley Markets where scarves, jewellery, sunglasses, clothing, suitcases and a plethora of other goods are available and with some shrewd bargaining resulting in some extremely reasonable prices. One thing we did discover at our hotel is the reluctance of the staff to disappoint us sometimes answering 'yes' when the actual answer was 'no', as is often the case in the collectivist culture. Another activity involved a trip on the MTR train to Mong Kok and the ladies night market. With the help of Joe (one of our students) we experienced a really local noodle restaurant, and then went off to do some more bargaining!! The superstitious nature of the Hong Kong locals was absolutely fascinating as it seemed to significantly affect the way they lived their lives. Our tour guide, Irene, shared many wonderful insights into some local beliefs. We saw a tall round building with a dome at the top that was known for always catching on fire. The owners of the building called in a feng shui expert that found the reason for this was that it looked like a giant cigarette and recommended that the owners should build a swimming pool on top to solve the problem. The owners did this and ever since no random fires have occurred in the building. Another incredible superstition is a tall residential building in a very expensive part of town overlooking the ocean. In this area of prime real estate the builders decided that the building must have a giant hole in the middle of it to allow the dragon that lived up in the hills behind it to easily make its way to the ocean to drink. A very expensive building complication for a dragon! Numbers are another particularly superstitious thing for Hong Kong locals with a major adversity to the number 4, which sounds very similar to the Cantonese word for "die". Many buildings have no level 4 or 14 (which translates roughly to "must die") and 24 (which roughly translates to "easy to die"). The locals believe that the number 8 is luckiest of all as it means money. Hong Kong is an extremely densely populated city of people and skyscrapers, creating a large amount of clutter. As much as Hong Kong is a globalized country, the people seem deeply rooted in tradition and their rich culture, even leading businessmen who ensure they upkeep traditional practices which they believe has contributed to their success. Gambling, shopping and eating seem to make up a large part of the Hong Kong culture. Money is also given utmost importance in this culture; the people work extremely hard and career success is highly valued.

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