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How can I take an extended timelapse with my GoPro given the short battery life Obviously using a power point is not what you want. What I have discovered is that there are a host of portable external power packs available on Ebay which could extend battery life. Now here's the switch - beware the claimed power capacities of these things. I recently bought an unbranded unit for a paltry $25 claiming 30,000 m/a hours. That also means 30 A/h. It is about 6 inches long by 4inches wide by 3/4 inch deep. It does a good job of charging devices but for time lapse it is a fizzer, the reason being that once you plug it into the GoPro through the side entry of the skeleton case, it begins to charge the internal battery. When the internals are fully charged however it switches off. So if you have left your camera recording a scene you will come back and find it switched off. What you need is a portable power supply that does not switch off. I have ordered two Panasonic 6V sealed lead acid batteries (one as a spare). The battery comes with a carry bag and a cigarette lighter connector. Just stick your cigarette lighter to USB cable into it then plug into your GoPro and it should piggyback the internal battery and stay alive for some considerable time. I cannot say whether this will damage the GoPro batteries, but if like me you are frustrated at not being able to film a timelapse to completion it might be worth a try. The two batteries, carry bag, charger and freight stet me back $127 Australian.

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