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How Cigarettes Affect Your Fingernails In the past, movies presented smoking as something glamorous and trendy. Remember watching Marilyn Monroe movies in which ladies smoke long cigarettes and seduce men looking lovely and mysterious. After that era, media continued to present smoking as something popular and as a synonym for rebellious, rocknroll life every teenager wanted to sense. Finally, recently media stopped promoting smoking, but it was too late to educate people how terrible and hazardous smoking is. If you want to learn more about hazardous effects of smoking start getting informed, collect info online and ask your doctor to tell you more about it. Numerous diseases are caused by smoking and many of them are terminal: various types of cancer, leukaemia, cardiovascular diseases and many more. Smoking also seriously damages your skin and has absolutely nothing to do with glamour, luxury and trend like media used to show. It is very important to show young people that nothing is cool about smoking and that once you start you damage your health and also hurt people around you (since they become second hand smokers). People (especially women) are very sensitive once it comes to their look and appearance. That is why it is very important to point out how badly smoking affects your skin, hair, nails, hands etc. your skin becomes dry and kind of gray (it is a specific colour related to smoking). You will see that pimples start appearing and that your skin feels tight and dryer than usual. Your eyes may be smoke sensitive and you will experience it in a smoke filled room immediately. Mouth is also a weak zone, which is why smokers often have sore tongue, redness and gum pain. Teeth become yellow, and no dentist can reverse that after youve been smoking for years. Skin ageing is also a process you cant stop or reverse but if you are smoker lines became bigger faster and there is nothing you can do about it; not even if you buy the most expensive skin serum. One more thing is particularly ugly yellow fingernails. They become yellow from all the smoke, nicotine and filters you hold, and that shade cannot be washed off. Also, the smell is something people notice very often, and you cant hide that either. Fingernails look horrible and get weaker if you smoke and that is a long term problem which stays even after you quit smoking. It takes years to undo damage caused by tobacco, and sometimes it simply cant be done you are stuck with bad teeth, dry skin and yellow fingernails. Cigarettes prevent your skin and your nails from getting enough oxygen which is why damages become so visible, so fast. The best thing you can do for your health and your beauty is to quit smoking. If you have enough will power, you can do it, just like millions of smokers before you. Just think positive, stay focused, and surround yourself with friendly people who will help you fight to the end. Fabrics we utilised incorporate satin, chiffon, ta . Also do not lie into the new fiance and mention that you 'bought it back from your ex'. She'd catch you ta . Does it make sense to drop multiple twenty dol . Understanding Psychology: The easy part usually woman all behave in a really simil . Smoking is a major health problem throughout the world. The keys which are transponder also use the dame method of open . Worse yet is the fact that you will be putting at fault on your girlfriend alternatively. . They love the concept behind an electronic puffs no smoke, no ash and no health ailments. They have b .

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