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How do you get the smell of smoke out of the house after a small but penetrating fire Last week my guardian angel was on overtime, because someone left a lit cigarette down the side of one of the sofas in my sitting room and it smouldered overnight - I woke to find the whole house full of smoke and the sofa smouldering away. I escaped with remarkably little damage, considering what could have happened, but the house still smells of smoke. Every day all the doors and windows are opened for as long as possible, but I'd welcome any advice about how to get rid of it more quickly and thoroughly. I'll pass on the advice from the firefighters - apart from the obvious: when you go to bed at night close all the internal doors, fit smoke alarms, and make sure that you have your escape routes planned for every room where you might be trapped. The tip about the doors would have saved me this question. Thanks, gang. Here are ideas from around the web: The companies that do restoration after fire and floods and the repairs have special equipment to do this. Smoke odor is very hard to get out and you may need a professional. Homeowners insurance should pay for it, but you probably have a deductible so it may not be worth running thru the ins. company. Two ways I know how to get rid of odors from fire. 1. Get a bowl of water and add white vinegar and let stay there without anyone in the room for a few hrs. 2. Put charcoal in the room in dishes, they use it here in Florida to get rid of musty odors. I have also been told that leaving a bowl of apple cider vinegar in the room(s) affected will remove the smell. May take several days. Try charcoal briquettes,(the Kingsford kind) just put some in a can or bowl and put in the corners of the room. It will absorb the odors. I would try fresh coffee grounds, and if that doesn't work put a few bowls of baking soda aroung the house and leave it for quite a while. I just read on Thriftyfun! To open a small can of fresh coffee and leave it in the closed room for a few days and it should take care of the smell. 1. Clean all ceilings, cabinets (inside and out), appliances, walls, furniture with a something such as Lysol. After completing rinse with clear water, then clean all wood surfaces with Murphy's oil soap. 2. Wash curtains, get carpet cleaner for carpets, clean furniture with professional cleaning materials. 3. After all this is completed continue same process for on every other week basis for about two months. 4. Keep apple-cinnamon candle burning couple hours a day or put fresh cinnamon sticks in cup of water and sit on stove. You are going to need to start in the room where the smoke started and begin scrubbing. use cleaners appropriate for the surfaces that need to be cleaned, and start at it. the smoke smell will have permeated all of the soft surfaces, and will be clinging to the hard surfaces. I'd recommend giving the walls a washdown, and having the carpeting and upholstered furniture cleaned. that will probably account for most of the smell. I worked on a post-fire cleanup a couple of years ago, and the homeowners ended up raplacing the carpeting, some of the furniture, repainting, and having me replace the ventilation fans, and the recessed light fixtures, before they were satisfied. I hope your situation will not be quite this bad, and it might not, as the one I worked on was an electrical fire, and those stink to high heaven.

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