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A man for all seasons Kailasam. Kailasam life and work in 120 incredible performances across the US and Canada. Simha and watched him pay homage to Kannada theatre bete noire and revolutionary playwright whom he admired and worshipped beyond the stage. He even managed to get the couch where the great dramatist spent the last days of his life. It occupies prime space in his living room where he later spoke at length about the man who changed the face of Kannada theatre. TP Kailasam is not just one actor donning the role of another. Simha gets into the skin of his hero and relives his last hours with great poignancy. The play, produced under the banner of his own home theatre group VEDIKE, was the greatest triumph of his career. He revived the playwright and his genius with the fewest props known to Kannada theatre. Slumped in a chair with a half empty bottle of gin before him and a careless cigarette in his hand, he carried the audience back to another era. The era of an eccentric genius whose life was in shambles, but whose work endures even today. The State Nataka Academy award presented to Simha for this achievement was a small recognition of an artiste of such rare calibre. I am happy that I knew Simha, the man behind the mask he had to wear during his multi-faceted career of acting on stage, in front of television audiences and in films. When he invited me to his house, Guhe (a real Aladdin cave of wonders), I did not realise that I was going to discover an architectural genius too. The lovely landscaping and the spectacular open air theatre became insignificant when I came face to face with the larger than life statue of Charlie Chaplain greatest artiste of the 20th century holding up the roof of his living room! The iconic tramp was his hero and role model. Then, there was Gundu Corner with the famous couch on which TP Kailasam died. present owners understood my need to have that one, said Simha, as he sat reverentially facing the corner, while he spoke of Kannada theatre resurgence and the man who had the courage to herald that movement. Simha romance with acting began with the English theatre. Whether it was Shakespeare, Moliere, Chekov or Neil Simon, he could make it an undiluted theatre experience. When he moved on to Kannada plays, TV serials (who does not remember Professor Vasan or Gorur in America?) and films, he was perfectly at home there too. They not only revealed a seasoned actor. They brought out his skills as a great director. Many big names in the Kannada film world cut their teeth on his productions. Yet, for all these accomplishments, his humanity never deserted him. When I requested him, not so long ago, to talk and advise an aspiring playwright who needed guidance, his response was so spontaneous and heart warming that I did not realise he was fighting a lonely battle with cancer. But that was Simha. A man whose greatest talent was his humanity. I remember his showing me a collection of photographs once that dated back to six generations of his family. This inheritor of that family tradition could perhaps be described as one life was gentle, and the elements mixed so well in him (I am sure Simha would have smiled to read this) that Nature might stand up and say to all the world, This was a man.

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