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absolute lymphocyte high my blood test reveal my absolute lymphocyte is 4500. I had suffered previously 4 weeks ago first time attack of bell's palsy. also, before the bell's, about 3 weeks i had a bout with the flu. still have the bells. doctor didnt say anything about my count being so high. Even though I have bouts of fatigue. My test for EBV, CMV and chroinic fatique syn - normal. All other blood work normal accept what i mentioned and tryglercides high (215). Q: Does this indicate my body still fighting a virus ? Lymphocytes are small, mononuclear cells that migrate to areas of inflammation in both early and late stages of the process. They play an important role in immunologic reactions. Normal lymphocyte count is in the rage between 16-45% of white blood cells (WBCs). Increased lymphocytes (lymphocytosis) in adults is defined as an absolute lymphocyte count greater than 4,000/mm3. The reactive, or secondary, lymphocytoses are conditions that involve absolute increases in lymphocytes caused by physiologic or pathophysiologic responses to infection (especially viral), inflammation, stress and in those who are long-term cigarette smokers. The fact that you had Flu recently and Bells palsy make the increase of lymphocytes number very likely to happen as a reactive process to infection. In addition, it is not so high to be alarming.

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