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Anakeesta Ridge Then spent an hour or two scooting and sliding down and across the scar and into the creekbed and debris field (a huge, nasty tangle of trees). The ridge up was full of briers and blowdowns. My arms look like a lost a fight with a wampus cat. The slide down was almost too steep, but not quite. Which means it was just right. Wore a couple of holes in the seat of my pants, plus more cuts and bruises on my hands. All the makings of a great day. (If you don't mind briers, snakes, yellow jackets, cuts and bruises, blood, blown-down trees.) Comment by Greg Hoover on April 18, 2011 at 9:45am I giggled for five minutes about the "laundry bag" comment. My first attempt to Anakeesta Ridge was from the Boulevard. It was nasty and uneventful. We found the unnamed ridge that is now our standard route up by accident. Missed the "turn" to continue along the main ridge and found ourselves on this side ridge -- we could hear traffic not far below us and decided to abort the mission by backtracking but to try the side ridge sometime. This side ridge is much more interesting and quicker than the AT and Boulevard route. I haven't burned any clothes but I have thrown some away. Burning does have a nice sense of ceremony and finality. did you make the climb with a sack of laundry on your back, like Brian? It really is mostly a sack of laundry. I like to tie jackets and coats on the outside of my pack rather than stuff them inside. Makes it look twice as big as it really is. I don't know Jenny, all this talk of blood and suffering doesn't seem like much of an advertisement to me. I can add I had to throw some of my clothes out afterward. Actually it is a worthwhile place to visit, but you should only go with somebody like Greg unless you do this kind of thing regularly. Comment by Dan G on April 15, 2011 at 6:05pm Up on Anakeesta Ridge, you can really see how slide mechanics work. In many places mazes of roots are elevated off the ground since the soil beneath has been eroded away by cloudbursts. As a buddy of mine put it, you have rocks held in place by nothing but roots roots after the surrounding soil has washed away, and before long gravity takes over and here comes another rockslide. For those wondering about heading over to Anakeesta Knob/The Boulevard and back, I'm told it's a good 8 hour round trip complete with ten kinds of ugly and spruce thickets. If one simply must do it, it's doable, but you will bleed! Comment by Greg Hoover on April 15, 2011 at 11:28am There a lots of annoying spots but nothing truly, deeply dangerous. There are places where a guy could die, but they are easy to see and avoid. The best thing is that it's not as dangerous as it looks -- which it perfect. You can impress your friends by showing them the landslide scar (of post a picture on a blog!) and they are seriously impressed. But it's not as life-threatening as it looks. But, yes, my arms and legs are seriously scratched. By the way, a friend and I first did this trip a couple of years ago, and we were conversing about how we were in the middle of nowhere, and that we must be the only ones who had been up here in years, maybe ever, Just us brave, macho guys and the bears. Then we looked down at the rock we were standing on. A cigarette butt. Burst our macho, tough guy bubble.

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