how much are a pack of cigarettes

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Analyze cigarette warnings 4. Have each group find a magazine advertisement for tobacco and display it on one side of a poster board. On the other side of the poster board, have students create a list of facts that the advertiser failed to mention about tobacco use. Generate a class discussion around the following questions: Who is the source? 2. Steck-Vaughn, a division of Harcourt, distributes a futuristic game for teens in which a hypothetical society forces everyone to smoke. Students can play an online version of the game by clicking into the student timeline from the Rebels 2080 Web site. You can also find more in-depth information on the effects of smoking and of environmental smoke for research and discussion on the Teacher Resources page. Use the 12 black-line masters that students can read and answer independently to learn more about health hazards, addiction and tobacco advertising.

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